Sunday's Sermons

The Contemporary Service is replayed on Paragould Light Water Cable on channel 6 on Sundays at 3:00 p.m. and Mondays at 5:00 p.m. Broadcasts are typically one week old.

The Traditional Service is replayed at 9:00 a.m. Sunday mornings.

Broadcasts are also available to check out on DVD in the church's office.

As a courtesy, special events (such as Confirmation Sunday and baptisms) are taped and given to those involved.

Services prior to those below can be found at


July 8, 2018 Traditional Service

July 8, 2018 Contemporary Service

Previous Contemporary Services

July 8, 2018 Contemporary Service "Will You Be the One?"

June 10, 2018 Contemporary Service "Sinner, Sinner, She's at the Dinner"

May 13, 2018 Contemporary Service "Having a Heart for Jesus"

April 15, 2018 Contemporary Service "The One that Got Away"

April 8, 2018 Contemporary Service "Walking with Jesus"

March 4, 2018 Contemporary Service "He Invites Us into His Presence"

Previous Traditional Services

July 8, 2018 Traditional Service "Will You Be the One?"

June 10, 2018 Traditional Service "Sinner, Sinner, She's at the Dinner"

April 29, 2018 Traditional Service "A Shepherd to Follow"

April 15, 2018 Traditional Service "The One That Got Away"

April 8, 2018 Traditional Service "Walking with Jesus"

March 11, 2018 Traditional Service "Long Walk Part of Gift"

March 4, 2018 Traditional Service "He Invites Us Into His Presence"

This Sunday's Sermon...

Our sermon this Sunday will be brought to us by our pastor, Rev. John Fleming.



Challenge #3 THANKS

Challenge for Week 1: (YES) Read the book of Ephesians this week. As you read it, ask yourself, "According to this book, who does God say I am and what has He created me to do?" Journal your answers and reflect of what God is calling you to change--in your actions or simply your own view of yourself.
Lesley Hobbs took that challenge last week and spoke about it on video. Watch to see how it affected her.
Challenge for Week 2: (NO) Challenge yourself to get better at saying no. Focus on what's the most important--your inner circle of relationships, your integrity, and your calling in life. Have a friend help keep you accountable in the area of saying no, giving you wisdom when you're unsure about a decision.
Challenge for Week 3: (THANKS) Make a conscious effort to practice gratitude this week. Each morning, as you drive to work drink your coffee, or wash the dishes, thank God for five different things. Notice how this practice impacts your attitude, mindset, and overall well-being throughout the day.
Challenge for Week 4: (HELP) Take stock of the people in your life. Identify those you can turn to as advosors in differnt areas of life. Answer this question: What experience, skill or passion do you have that can help someone else? How oucl suing tha tgift change someone else's life?

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