Children's Ministry 

From Cradle to Confirmation

Spiritual development of children begins at home. A child's first understanding of God comes through the parents displayed in long hours spent walking the floor with a colicky baby and easing fearful nightmares, to then offering direction and encouragement in times of doubt and confusion. It is teaching our children that they are worthy of great love that they learn to love others. It is by the grace and enduring love given to us freely by our Heavenly Father that this unconditional love is revealed to our little ones.

When children come to church they are met by volunteers that love the Lord and have a great understanding of discipleship. These teachers are blessed and selfless in their pursuit of God's kingdom on earth. They pray that the word of God touches each child and that each child carries that love with them into thier homes, schools and into the community.  

Jesus reminds us in scripture to be like a child, to love Him with the wonder and purity of a child. Come, everyone. Be with us, be with our children from cradle to Confirmation as we all grow in the love of God's word and His grace through his son Christ Jesus.

We serve children birth through 6th grade in our children's department.  Our 6th grade has a confirmation class that lasts the entirety of their 6th grade school year. 



We love our kids! 

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